In the south east, pools are a popular home addition to help beat the sweltering heat.  A trend we have seen recently is the addition of an above ground pool surrounded by decking. This achieves the addition of a seemingly “built-in” pool without the mess and hassle of digging up your back yard. Most likely, you will spend as much time lounging around the pool, as you would in it, so consider the pool deck as much of an investment as the pool itself.

When designing your pool deck, it is necessary to put in the extra time and effort to plan the deck in detail so you are sure to take into account special considerations and avoid overlooking any mistakes that could result in constructing an unsafe deck.


From our experience, we know that summertime in the Carolinas gets HOT. It is not unusual to see temperatures hanging steadily around the 90’s throughout the summertime months. So, of course, heat is a necessary consideration in pool decking, specifically the materials used in construction. Ever walk across a hot deck, barefoot, and scald your feet on metal jointing? Decking materials that conduct or retain heat can be dangerous in the summertime, so take that into consideration when choosing materials and how they are put together.

Water Resistance

Different decks have different uses, and the specific way it is used will contribute to the requirements for construction and maintenance. For a standard back yard deck, weather is a consideration, but for a pool deck, you must take into account the amount of water that will be on the deck. From wet feet and splashing, to overflowing pools, a pool deck needs to be water resistant. Extra moisture can cause a cedar deck to warm or rot at a quicker pace. Consider using manufactured materials for pool decking, like composite or PVC, which are innately waterproof.

Slip Proof

Because people will be walking around a wet deck, a slip proof surface is encouraged to help prevent injury. Some decking materials are prone to mildew growth, which can cause the surface to become extremely slick when wet. Look for a material with traction, or consider adding a coating to increase traction on a slippery deck.

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