Here at Garuda Decks, we help homeowners design and build the custom deck of their dreams. In this blog series we are going to look at a few steps in designing your dream deck.

This week we’re starting with step #1: Brainstorming.


When a home owner decides to build a deck onto their house, this is not only an opportunity to extend the home space, create an entertaining environment, and add a monetary value to your home, but it allows a homeowner to finally build the deck of their dreams. When faced with this opportunity, homeowners should put a decent amount of time and preparation into planning the deck of their dreams. This is the time to think big and to not be afraid to spend time brainstorming the perfect addition to your living environment.

The beginning of the brainstorming process is the time to open your imagination and acknowledge the aspects of your dream deck that you would like to include in your final design. Here are a few of those things to consider that will help you see the big picture and facilitate the design process.

Acknowledging Your Wants and Needs

The first thing to do is dream big. What do you want in a deck? Are you interested in building your own private terraced veranda or are you more interested in a large screened porch where you can enjoy a beautiful NC summer thunderstorm with your family. Instead of replicating whatever you see on your neighbor’s house, take this time to think about your ideal back yard environment, how it feels, how its used, and what will really complete your home.

Dreaming big is a helpful starting point. Although you may not be able to view these ideas completely, it will give you a jumping off point to incorporate elements you want with elements you need. When considering your needs, focus on what you are looking to accomplish with your new deck. Do you want a place to store your grill? Will you need an elevated exit from your home to your back yard? Are you looking for a place to entertain in the summer and fall? Recognizing your needs and balancing them with your wants will be the way to begin designing the right deck for your home and family.

Evaluating Your Lifestyle and Personality

Everyone’s individual personality comes out in their choice in their preferences, attitude, and how they choose to live. In deck design, it’s important to build your personality into your new deck to complete a living space that reflects your real life. In addition, it’s critical to evaluate your personality and problem solving and planning style so you can better approach the task of designing your deck.

For example, some people are highly analytical and may approach this task with an engineering mind, running through the architecture, detail and materials instead of the environment and feel you want to add to your home. Some people are far more spontaneous and creative and may need guidance in practicality and functionality instead of farfetched and impossible ideas.

Also, individual lifestyle choices will heavily influence the design of your deck. Are you a social person looking for a place to party, or do you enjoy intimate spaces and solitude? Do you like to be outside, or are the bugs, sun and heat not your thing? Being highly aware of your individual preferences, personality and lifestyle will help lay a solid foundation in building the deck of your dreams.

Stay tuned for part II of our deck design series coming up next week. In the meantime, check out our photo galleries for more ideas on decking options, arbors, gazebos, screen porches and more. If you have any questions, or are ready to get started, schedule a free consultation with one of our deck design specialists by calling 919-460-8802 or by filling out the contact form on our website to get started.