Recently, the Raleigh and Cary area of NC was struck by a dangerous band of tornados that left a wake of devastation throughout our area. As our city is beginning to recover, we wanted to share a few tips on how to deal with storm damage to your fence or deck.

Survey the situation– Even the most well-built deck or fence can’t hold a match the fury of mother nature, especially when she manifests herself as a tornado barreling though a metropolitan area. Before you approach your damaged deck or fence, make sure the situation is completely safe. Beware of loose limbs nearby, broken floorboards on an unstable deck, or downed and sagging power lines that could pose a dangerous risk to your safety.

Contact your Insurance Company– Make sure to contact your insurance company soon after the storm to find out what your policy covers and how to go about filing claims for the damages. This will be helpful to know beforehand as you are surveying the damage.

Document– Document the damage to your fence or deck. Take photos and video of the damaged property to keep as documentation when filing an insurance claim.

If you are planning on making any claims on your insurance policy, don’t go ahead and make any permanent repairs without hearing from your insurance company, first. Many times, they won’t reimburse any repairs made without their authorization.

If your fence and deck do require significant repair, call in a fencing contractor, like the carpenters at Garuda Custom Decks. We can assess the problem and provide a repair estimate for your insurance company. We offer a free on-site consultation as well as free insurance estimates for damaged decks.

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