At Garuda Custom Decks, we pride ourselves on being a team of skilled carpenters, capable of creating decks that exceed our expectations, every time. However, carpentry is more complicated than it seems, and although there are many timeless aspects of carpentry that weathers the ages, such as an understanding of woodworking, tools, and structures, there is also something that has not been passed down to the majority of carpenters today. And that is integrity.

Integrity is by definition, a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. As a carpenter, integrity relates to our profession in many different ways, including ethically, morally, and in the structures we create.  Unfortunately, as we, craftsmen, have evolved over the years, a lot of integrity has been lost in our trade. Sometimes this is structurally but more often, it is lost from the honesty and consistency of our work and passion.  It seems as if these days, most carpenters have dismissed their integrity of the trade and answer to a higher power – an inspector.

Codes, permits and inspections were originally created to ensure the integrity of the structure being built, but over the years, passing this inspection process has become the goal of many carpenters, whereas the goal should instead be to build a structure that is beautifully crafted with passion, care and appreciation. Carpenters should strive to create a structure that passes an inspection without trying, due to the integrity of the carpenter who built it.

It is saddening to see codes become the focus of a buildings construction, and even more disappointing to see carpenters care less about the codes and more about appeasing the inspector. At Garuda Custom Decks, we pride ourselves on our moral and ethical integrity, as well as the structural integrity of our decks. We realize that what we do is becoming a lost art, and we could not be more thankful for our customers who have given us the opportunity to perfect our craft in their own back yard. Of course all of our decks do meet codes and pass inspection, quite easily. However, we feel that the art of wood working and carpentry is still alive in this world, and we are determined to keep integrity in the center of our hearts and our business.

If you are interested in seeing examples of our trade, check out our portfolios including decks, gazebos, arbors and more. We love what we do and if you are looking to expand your backyard leisure area, give us a call today at (919-460-8802) or schedule a free consultation with one of our carpenters.